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Can All Children Thrive in Montessori? 

Montessori education provides a haven for all children because of a number of factors:


1. Montessori teachers follow the development of every child, without distinction.

2. Montessori environments support respect, cooperation, and development of social cohesion instead of competition. 


3. Multi-age classrooms allow children to learn from each other and ideally keep the same teacher for three years.


4. Children are minimally subjected to tests or grades and can learn at their own pace with a material of their choice. 


5. The hands-on developmental materials support authentic, self-paced learning. 

 *Adapted from Silvia Dubovoy's Article 'Is Montessori for every child in 2018' found in the journal Montessori Public

About Our School

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Mission: Salado Montessori prepares each child for a life full of creativity, happiness, independence, success, and leadership using the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori: “to follow the child’s natural curiosity.”  Our students will gain a deep understanding of both self-reliance and the inter-relatedness of all life and they will develop the foundational building blocks necessary for them to achieve their own life goals while making a positive contribution to their community. 


Vision:  To provide excellent Montessori education for children ages 2 through high school by 2030.


Services Offered: The school is structured in the traditional Montessori multi-age classrooms with a Primary (3 - 6 yrs) classroom opening.  Our ten-year expansion plans include a second Primary classroom, a Lower Elementary (6 - 9 yrs). 


Accreditation: ‘Montessori’ refers to a method of education and a philosophy of life. It is not a copyright-protected name or a franchising program.   Salado Montessori will become a Recognized School through Association Montessori International (AMI) once the school is open. Our teachers will hold either an AMI or AMS credential.  Salado Montessori will also seek to gain accreditation through the National Council of Private Schools.


Funding: Salado Montessori is a 501(c)(3) non-profit profit institution. Initial startup funding was provided through personal contributions by our Board of Directors, community members and the families of enrolled students.  Tuition provides the primary source of funds for the day to day operations of the school.  The school also relies on tax-deductible contributions to achieve our mission. 


Scholarships: Salado Montessori will establish a fund to provide financial assistance to families who would not otherwise consider submitting an application for enrollment. Our goal is to make this available no later than 2020. We also work to help businesses sponsor students’ tuition.


Board of Directors: Our Board provides decisions on school policies and direction.  Salado Montessori's Board of Directors includes: 


Jake McClure, Chairman

Malcolm Reece


Adrienne Reece serves as the Secretary to the Board.

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