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About Us

Building a Love of Learning


Salado Montessori educates the human potential through a partnership between home and school which fosters intellectual growth, independence, responsibility, and a sense of self-worth.


We are a non-profit Primary (3-6) Montessori community that provides a beautiful, safe, nurturing, orderly and child-size prepared environment for students between the ages of 3 - 6. 

Our children's house is a place for the child to feel comfort, compassion and most importantly, confidence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide excellent Montessori education for our students.


Our attention is on the five areas of Montessori focus: practical life skills, sensorial development, language, mathematics, and culture. 

Salado Montessori’s long-term vision includes:

  • Prepare Primary students for success in any school environment

  • Produce students who possess a deep sense of confidence and pride in their work

  • Produce people who have a life-long love of growth, personal development, and commitment to excellence

  • Provide all students with an appreciation and understanding of music, mathematics, language arts, science, engineering, movement, art, and interpersonal relations (etiquette and grace)

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School History

Alissa McClure and her husband, Jake McClure, moved to Salado in March 2016. Jake has worked in Salado since 2000 with his father and business partner, Jeffrey McClure, at The Personal Wealth Coach.  

Alissa and Jake planned to send their daughter, Iona, to a Montessori in Austin.  Upon moving to the village after Iona’s first birthday, they found that the closest Montessori would require a long commute. Rather than leave Salado each day, they decided to establish a non-profit school. The excitement and immediate commitment of other parents has given the McClures an even deeper respect for the job of founding Salado Montessori. Alissa’s initial goal of creating an excellent school for her daughter has grown into a commitment to improve her community. The McClures look forward to making a positive impact in the community they call home.

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